Cubic - Motor Control Center


MD Cassette switchgear is widely used worldwide to distribute electrical energy while maintaining the highest possible level of safety for personnel and equipment; especially for industrial production processes, in hospitals, on ships, in mining, in infrastructure and wherever even a short-term interruption of electrical power supply may pose a serious threat to human life and cause enormous process disruption and economic losses.

The MD Casette switchgear system offers the possibility of such universal and compact solutions which at the same time go hand in hand with user requirements and are competitive.

The MD switchgear has been developed on the basis of users' operational experience, so that it offers an optimal combination of user-friendliness, operational safety and cost-efficiency.

  • high level of staff safety
  • competitiveness
  • low number of operational interruptions
  • compact solutions
  • multivariability
  • reduced frequency and duration of maintenance
  • possibility to reconfigure during operation
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