Control systems

One of the types of control systems used by our company is SIMOCODE system from SIEMENS, which supervises the operation of motors and keeps the system running.


For more than 25 years, SIMOCODE pro has been ensuring optimum operation of low-voltage motors rotating at constant speed in countless plants around the world. The flexible, efficient, modular motor management system unifies monitoring, safety and control of any motor in a single compact enclosure. It can be easily integrated into higher-level automation system via PROFIBUS DP PROFIBUS DP as well as PROFINET. The high degree of data transparency makes it possible to achieve a higher level of process control while at the same time reducing costs - from plant planning through construction, operation and maintenance.

SIMOCODE meets all functional requirements as the link between the motor and the higher-level automation system.

Features of a versatile motor feeder

  • Multifunctional full electronic motor protection independent of the automation system
  • Safe motor switch-off
  • Built-in control functions
  • Detailed operating, service and diagnostic data
  • Open communication via PROFIBUS DP or PROFINET
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