Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for electricity in all areas of life, with a simultaneous drive to reduce costs. Efficient and standardized power distribution systems are required and customers also place great importance on simple design, maximum flexibility, cost-effectiveness and reliability. Following the principle of "practical solutions for practical applications," Eaton has developed the latest generation of power distribution systems that combine all of the above features.


Switching and safety devices, corresponding mounting systems and enclosures are now available as a technically uniform and economical platform

xEnergy xEnergy, Eaton's new integrated system, is designed for use in the power supply of building infrastructures up to 5000A. Eaton is therefore a one-stop supplier of components needed to produce a state-of-the-art power supply and equipment protection system that can be quickly and easily assembled by the panel builder, tailored to the customer's needs, and that provides reliability and ease of use.

For xEnergy, Eaton has opted for modular solutions, which means perfectly matched and functional mounting modules with design verification in accordance with IEC 61439.

The modular system, available in Form 1 to Form 4, complies with all local standards and regulations (DIN VDE, CEI, NF, UNE). This enables panel builders throughout Europe to develop individual solutions, which may sometimes be required in local markets.

Eaton delivers system components in flat packs for self-assembly (broken down into individual sections), or as pre-assembled sections upon request.


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