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O Nas – Eldan – produkcja rozdzielnic elektrycznych



30 years of experience

Company "ELDAN OPOLE" successfully operates on the Opole and Polish market of services

Since the beginning of its existence, it has provided comprehensive services in the design and assembly of electrical switching and control devices for residential, commercial, industry, power generation and automation of production processes.

Twenty years of practice in the electrical industry, continuous improvement of staff qualifications, ability to use the latest technology and well-equipped machinery allow for the production of high quality products.

Engineering staff and experienced workers in production positions, allow for continuous development of the company and strengthening its position on the market.

The direction of the company's development is determined primarily by customers who have become convinced of the quality of products offered by „ELDAN” and trusted the owners and employees.

The company undertakes a wide range of standard and custom projects based on proven and professional components, provides full warranty and post-warranty service.
IEC compliance test protocols and regulatory required documents along with as-built documentation are attached to each order. Improvement of production process and quality control have been appreciated by suppliers and confirmed by certificates received by the company.

The logo of „ELDAN” and the names of the owners have become a sign of high quality on the Silesian market of services.



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